This is a general guide of typical woodwind repair services offered. 

If you do not see a service listed here, please ask. Estimates are always free and we're happy to answer any questions.

Playing Condition (PC)

Basic tune-up for your instrument. Recommended once a year for woodwind instruments.

Repairs included in a "Playing Condition": Pads, key corks, tenon (or neck) corks, and springs are replaced as needed. Bent keys are straightened. Tenons and neck are fitted. Your instrument is adjusted, regulated, pads are reseated, and key mechanisms are oiled.

Clean, Oil, and Adjust (COA)

Instrument tune-up and cleaning.

Recommended once every three to five years for woodwind instruments; more frequently for marching band instruments or as preventative maintenance for higher-end instruments.

Your instrument is disassembled, the body is cleaned, keys are polished, hinge rods and tubes are cleaned and oiled, and the screws are greased. Pads, key corks, and springs are replaced as needed. Bent keys, posts, and body are straightened along with the tenons and neck are fitted. Your instrument is adjusted, regulated, and pads are reseated.

Mechanical Overhaul (MOH)

When your instrument needs a new beginning, our mechanical overhauls can restore your instrument back to factory condition.

Your instrument is disassembled, all parts and materials are removed, body and keys are cleaned. All pads, all key corks, all tenon corks are replaced and the head joint cork (for flutes) or neck cork (for saxophones) is replaced. The body is straightened, dents are lifted, tenons are fit, tone holes are leveled, keys are straightened and fit. Your instrument is fully reassembled, adjusted, regulated, pads are seated, and finally, your instrument is polished.

Other Woodwind Services:

  • Tenon Cork Replacement
  • Crack Pinning
  • Tone Hole Replacement
  • Silver Solder Broken Keys
  • Spring Replacement
  • Saxophone Neck Fitting