This is a general guide of typical brass instrument services we offer. 

If you do not see a service listed here, please ask. Estimates are always free and we're happy to answer any questions.

Ultrasonic Chemical Cleaning

Your instrument is completely disassembled, then degreased, and cleaned in our Ultrasonic Cleaner. This disintegrates the organic compound that builds on the brass inside your instrument. Your instrument is then rinsed and cleaned with a "Texas Flush" style, which uses brushes along with a blend of soap and pumice to clear any remaining residue in your horn.

Your instrument is then rinsed and dried. The slides are greased and valves are oiled as your instrument is assembled. To finish, minor bell dents are removed and minor slide work is performed before polishing.

Other Brass Services:

  • Dent Work
  • Soldering
  • Valve and Casing Repair
  • Truing Trombone Hand-Slides
  • Pulling Frozen Slides or Pistons